Kirkby Child

Kirkby Child

Lots of our children have shown different values since coming back to school after our closure.  They have been nominated by their teachers as winners of our Kirkby Child certificates.

The agreed set of values for all schools in Kirkby are:    *Respectful        *Honest and truthful     *Positive attitude       *Resilient        *Confident     *Good communicator   *Polite

 *Committed and hardworking     * Aspirational and ambitious             

Well done to the following children who have won certificates over the past two weeks:

1S – Reuben Croxford (Respectful and Polite) (16/10)

1L – Lorenzo Cortez (Good Communicator)     (23/10)

2S – Shay Jenkins (Committed and hardworking)   (16/10)

2S – Bobby Woods (Committed and hardworking)    (23/10)

2L – Olivia Smith (Committed and hardworking)    (23/10)

3S – Michael Corkhill – (Polite) (23/10)

3L – Jacob Kearns – (Respectful)  (16/10)

4S – Connie Birch - (Committed and Hardworking)  (23/10)

4L – Aisling Fearnehough (Committed and Hardworking)  (16/10)

4L – Tyler Instone (Polite and Respectful)  (23/10)

5S – Susan Bradley – (Committed and Hardworking)  (23/10)

5L – Alex Watterson– (Polite and Respectful)  (23/10)

6S – Heidi Morgan - (Committed and Hardworking)  (23/10)           

6L – Hollie Birch - (Positive Attitude and Polite)    (23/10)