Picture News

Using news items from around the world Picture News helps to educate us on what is occuring on our planet.  Use some of the resources below to help your own understanding grow. 

In our commitment to develop children’s critical literacy skills we have teamed up with Picture News to help develop their understanding and appreciation of the news.

Having age-appropriate conversations with your child about the news keeps them interested and informed about what’s happening in the world…and you too!

They move from wanting to know what happens in MY world to what is happening in THE world and their place in it.

By having regular conversations about the news, you are able to share a whole range of topics and together make more sense of different events, issues and stories.

There are no rules or script to follow but you might want to watch, listen, read and discuss the news selectively.

This page will be updated every couple of weeks to help you discuss important issues around our world - that are IN THE NEWS!

Picture News Article - Monday 6th April 2020

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