Certificates for week ending 19/01/2024

Stars of the Week

Nursery – Peyton Fergus and Emilia Cox     

RS – Savannah Bromilow                   RL – Oliver Kenny           

                            1S – Logan Tinsley                      1L – Faith Bruen  

                                 2S – Teddy Johnston                2L – Harley Farrell                            

                               3S – Ava Ventre                    3L – Aria Farrell         

                             4S – George Chrystal                            4L – Hallie Devine  

                         5S – Scarlett Gee                         5L – Mason Melia     

                      6S – Michael Corkhill                       6L – Carter Bibby

KS1 Overall Winner for Star of the Week – Oliver Kenny      

KS2 Overall Winner for Star of the Week – Michael Corkhill   

Both children will take home Motty our mascot.        


English and Maths Stars of the Week

RS – English: Nancy Tipler                    Maths: Star Balmer 

RL - English: Leo Brady                    Maths: Charlie Warwick                                              

         1S:  English: Cleo Christie Scotland                                 Maths: Esme Hedges   

         1L:  English: Charlie Burgess                                 Maths: Ewan Flynn                                                    

             2S:  English: Riley Brooks Coletta                                Maths: Amaya Reynolds  

2L – English: Mia Maria Goodwin                                  Maths: Sienna Downey

3S – English: Kendal Hamid                                      Maths: Isabella Doran     

       3L – English: Leo Nolan                                     Maths: Reuben Shaw             

4S – English: Harlow Noon                                      Maths: Eden Fox               

    4L – English:  Lottie McVeigh                                   Maths: Frankie Flaherty        

5S – English: Fletcher Malam                              Maths: Katie Rose Bresnahan                  

5L – English: Lilly Mae Lamont                                          Maths: Alife Case Cummins

6S – English: Jaiden Barker                            Maths: George O’Sullivan  

6L – English: Festus Shabba                                        Maths: Ava Barton


Kirkby Child

Lots of our children have shown different values over the past few weeks.  They have been nominated by their teachers as winners of our Kirkby Child certificates.

The agreed set of values for all schools in Kirkby are:    *Respectful        *Honest and truthful     *Positive attitude       *Resilient        *Confident     *Good communicator             *Polite             *Committed and hardworking     * Aspirational and ambitious


Well done to the following children who have won certificates this week:

RS – Elia Caulfield (Good Communicator)

RL – Abigail Riley (Committed and Hardworking)

1S – Sadee Mae Taylor (Polite and Positive Attitude)

1L – Jaxon Dumbell (Polite)

2S – Neveah Nugent (Committed and Hardworking)

2L – Buddy Cooney (Committed and Hardworking)

3S – James Dunne (Polite and Positive Attitude)

3L – Isabella McGreevy (Committed and Hardworking)

4S – Jala Ferguson (Honesty and Truthfulness)

4L – Willow Rose Jevons (Resilient and Hardworking)

5S – Georgia Sproule (Polite)

5L – Franky Walker (Positive Attitude and Hardworking)

6S – Sam Rowe (Positive Attitude, Committed and Hardworking)

6L – Brian Gdula (Hardworking)