Religious Education at St Laurence's

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Religious Education is the core subject in the curriculum and influences all that we teach and enables us to develop the whole person.

Through Religious Education teaching and learning, we aim to:

  • Provide each child with the opportunity to develop their relationship with God.
  • Promote knowledge and understanding of Catholic faith and life.
  • Develop awareness and understanding of the impact of faith upon our daily lives.
  • Foster attitudes of respect towards all who live in our society.


At St Laurence's we follow the Come and See programme of Religious Education recommended by the Archdiocese of Liverpool. The aim of this programme is to explore the religious dimensions of questions about life, dignity and purpose within the Catholic tradition.

Each year group from Nursery to Year 6 have their own list of focus topics to cover throughout the academic year all linked by a central theme. The topics will coincide with the church calendar however, the depth in which the topic is explored is dependent upon the respective age of the child. 



In St Laurence’s Catholic Primary School we recognise and value every individual as special and unique in the image and likeness of God.


Through Religious Education we aim to lead our children to an understanding of Christianity through the Catholic tradition, as made explicit in “The Curriculum Directory for Catholic Schools”. They will learn about their unique place within the home, school and parish community.


We will encourage our children to ask questions relating to themselves and others about life experiences, importance and purpose. As educators we teach the children to respect, love and care and also promote each child’s innate capacity for wonder, awe, reverence and spirituality through the topics that we cover across the year.


Through the ‘Come and See’ syllabus, we provide a broad and balanced religious curriculum which respects and accommodates individual needs.


We strive to help our children form and deepen their belief that Jesus Christ can provide answers to any questions, so beginning their journey in faith. We also help them to acquire skills and attitudes needed on their journey. In pursuing all of the above we will help to promote self-esteem, excellence and enjoyment for all.


We endeavour to make our school community a living example of a Christian Community, based on Catholic philosophy and attitudes, made evident in the relationships amongst staff and children each day.




Our religious Education curriculum will be implemented through the following:


  • Use of the ‘Come and See’ syllabus to promote Christian values by relating them to everyday life, ensuring that children are given the opportunity to hold onto these values.
  • Each person is encouraged to love and respect themselves, demonstrate respect for one another and celebrate when respect is shared
  • Follow all guidelines and procedures laid down for security of personnel, premises and Child Protection
  • Adequate time is allocated to cover all aspects of the curriculum including academic, spiritual, moral, cultural and physical
  • Create a stimulating and fun environment which nurtures learning and provides opportunities for success where achievements, aspirations and attainment are valued.
  • The whole school community and stakeholders are made aware of school events via a variety of media.


Each topic is split into 3 sections-


This is the introduction to the topic where the children’s life experience is explored, the question(s) it raises are wondered at, shared, investigated and their significance reflected on.


This is the heart of the programme where knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith is revealed through the Word, in Scripture, Tradition, doctrine, prayers, rites and Christian living.


This is where learning is assimilated, celebrated and responded to in daily life. Children remember and celebrate all they have learnt and apply their knowledge individually.



There is ongoing informal assessment against the Standard Indicators, which is completed by teaching staff at the end of each topic.  There are nine topics in total throughout the year. These assessments are shared with the RE lead.


At the end of every term a tracker is completed to monitor children’s understanding of the standards covered and completed. These are collated and analysed by the RE Lead.


Formal Assessment Tasks are completed each term, on a specific topic, as set out by the Education Team at the Archdiocese.


Assessment is moderated internally and externally within staff meetings and at wider cluster meetings.



Relationships Sex  and Health Education (RSHE) Statement

As a Catholic school, we are required to teach RSHE in accordance with the teaching of the Church. RSHE is part of the Mission of Catholic schools to educate the whole person. It seeks to inform young people in preparation for adult life.

RSHE is the life-long learning about physical, social and emotional development. It is the understanding of the importance of marriage, for family life, stable and loving relationships, respect, love and care. It forms a part of the PSHE, RE and Science Curriculum. Our key objective as a school is the well-being of the child.

In our school we follow The Journey in Love programme for RSHE as recommended by the Liverpool Archdiocese. 


Mini Vinnies

What is Mini Vinnies?

Mini Vinnies is a group of Key Stage Two children who meet regularly to help those in need within our school and local community.

Mini Vinnies introduces children to social justice issues and to living faith through action as part of the St Vincent de Paul society.


What do Mini Vinnies do?

Our Mini Vinnies children meet to talk, share ideas and concerns and pray about doing good works in the community.  They have also made cards and created charity events for varying people within our community in need. 


Mini Vinnies 2021

Our Mini Vinnies decided to raise money for Alder Hey to acknowledge the wonderful work they do. They organised a fundraiser in which they ran 5K around the yard after school in Halloween costumes. 




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