Certificates for week ending 26/01/2024

Stars of the Week

Nursery – Kara Austin     

RS – Carter Goodwin                   RL – Jaxon Kearns           

                            1S – Millie Hadley                      1L – Harley Fiocca  

                                 2S – Hallee Marr                2L – Luke Davies                            

                               3S – Theodore Dawkins                    3L – Will Powell         

                             4S – Jamie Dumbell                            4L – Jude Jones  

                         5S – Jessie Pinnington Sharkey                         5L – Ryan Langstaff     

                      6S – George O’Sullivan                       6L – Edie Horrocks

KS1 Overall Winner for Star of the Week – Luke Davies      

Luke will take home Motty our mascot.                 


English and Maths Stars of the Week

RS – English: Arlo Cassidy                    Maths: Harper Jones 

RL - English: Harley Gibney                    Maths: Leo Crellin                                              

         1S:  English: Maria Nasamento                                 Maths: Jax Gordon  

         1L:  English: Bella Parry                                 Maths: Harlen Farrell                                                    

             2S:  English: Kaden Carr                                Maths: Riley Brooks Coletta 

2L – English: Nancy Lovett                                  Maths: Sienna Downey

3S – English: Layton Hoy                                  Maths: Amayah O’Korode               

       3L – English: Freya Appleton                                     Maths: Leo Latusek             

4S – English: Mason Wainwright                                      Maths: Evie Croft Delaney               

    4L – English:  Cristian Bonea                                   Maths: Annabelle Farrell        

5S – English: Charlie Taylor                              Maths: Lilly Dean

5L – English: Jacob Ainsworth                                          Maths: Eva McIver

6S – English: Cody Shelley                            Maths: Jake Tunstall  

6L – English: Jessica Daly                                        Maths: Caleb Burke    


Kirkby Child

Lots of our children have shown different values over the past few weeks.  They have been nominated by their teachers as winners of our Kirkby Child certificates.

The agreed set of values for all schools in Kirkby are:    *Respectful        *Honest and truthful     *Positive attitude       *Resilient        *Confident     *Good communicator             *Polite             *Committed and hardworking     * Aspirational and ambitious


Well done to the following children who have won certificates this week:

Nursery – Axel Gordon (Hardworking)

RS – Bobby Baines (Confident and Polite)

RL – Zadie Hodgson (Happy, fun and kind friend)  

1S – Lillian Sproule (Polite and helpful)

1L – Lacey Mae Croxford

2S – Oliver Sproule (Polite)

2L – Mia Maria Goodwin  (Committed and Hardworking)

3S – Kendall Hamid (Committed and Hardworking)

3L – Hayzel Townsend (Polite and Respectful)

4S – Lucas Gibney (Good Communication)

4L – Elijah Greenhalgh (Polite)

5S – Callum Miller (Polite and Respectful)

5L – Madison Farrell (Positive Attitude)

6S – Joseph Martindale (Polite, Respectful, Committed and  Hardworking)

6L – Ava Barton (Polite and Positive Attitude)