Certificates this week - 29/09/2023

Stars of the Week

Nursery  - Amelia Walsh  

RS – Thomas Davies                 RL – Aida Rawlinson      

1S – Lillian Sproule                 1L – Savannah Farrell

                                         2S – Connie Richards                                  2L – Alex Tidmarsh                         

                                3S – Theodore Dawkins                            3L – Isabella McGreevy     

                             4S – Jala Feguson                       4L – Willow Rose Jevons            

                         5S – Sonnie Clarke                    5L – Bobby Woods   

                      6S – Hannah Hegarty               6L – Oliver Bowers Jones            


KS1 Overall Winner for Star of the Week – Oliver Sproule      

Oliver will take home Motty our mascot. 


English and Maths Stars of the Week

RS – English: Levi Kitamura              Maths: Lydia Richards

RL - English: Abikgail Riley             Maths: Noah Caulfield                                               

1S – English: Millie Haddley              Maths: Charlotte Lally                        

         1L:  English: Harley Fiocca                              Maths: Annie McNamara                                               

2S – English: Phoebe Richards                             Maths: Ivy Spencer              

2L – English: Daniel Powell                     Maths: Nelly O’Brien         

3S – English: Kendall Hamid                             Maths: Isaac Lally

       3L – English: Isla Rossiter                               Maths: Ella Ross       

4S – English: Daisy Evans                             Maths: Theo Lyons            

    4L – English: Hallie Devine                                   Maths: Archie Jones       

5S – English: Katie Rose Bresnahan                     Maths: Lola Howarth          

5L – English: Sophia Mawdsley                                Maths: Ammaya Brooks Miller    

6S – English: Ava Harrison                    Maths: Summer Bromilow       

6L – English: Carter Bibby                                Maths: Rosie Pinnington Sharkey      



Kirkby Child

Lots of our children have shown different values over the past few weeks.  They have been nominated by their teachers as winners of our Kirkby Child certificates.

The agreed set of values for all schools in Kirkby are:    *Respectful        *Honest and truthful     *Positive attitude       *Resilient        *Confident     *Good communicator             *Polite             *Committed and hardworking     * Aspirational and ambitious


Well done to the following children who have won certificates this week:

Nursery – Sonny Owen (Confident)

RS – Penelope Mooney (Positive Attitude)

RL – Leo Brady (Good Communicator)

1S – Tyler Greaves (Positive Attitude)

1L – Penelope Leyland (Polite, Honest and Respectful)

2S – Rosie Bradley (Positive Attitude)

2L – Nina Campione (Positive Attitude)

3S – James Dunne (Positive Attitude)

3L – Leo Nolan (Honest and Truthful)

4S – Evie Croft Delaney

4L – Laura Veneroni (Respectful )

5S – Sonny McCarthy (Respectful)

5L – Eddie Wilson (Positive Attitude)  

6S – Evie Price (Polite and Respectful) 

6L – Harry Williamson (Committed and Hardworking)