Certificates - Week ending 13/10/2023

Stars of the Week

Nursery  - Rosie Clarke    

RS – Carter Thompson                 RL – Jack Martindale          

                            1S – Stella Kitamura                 1L – Mischa Matthews

                                              2S – Esme Williams                     2L – Hunter Arnold                          

                                3S – Thomas Reid                              3L – Carter Roe      

                             4S – James Murray                        4L – Maggie Craig             

                         5S – Louie Reid Millen                      5L – Bobby Woods   

                      6S – Hannah Hegarty          


English and Maths Stars of the Week

RS – English: Elia Caulifield                Maths: Nuala Jones  

RL - English: Fredi Brown              Maths: Renesmee Slade                                               

1S – English: Maisy Mulligan              Maths: Jax Gordon                        

         1L:  English: Bella Parry                              Maths: Harley Fiocca                                                

2S – English: Connie Richards                              Maths: Kaden Carr                

2L – English: Sophia Konieczna                      Maths: Kara Cassidy          

3S – English: Isabella Doran                               Maths: Marcus Greaves   

       3L – English: Jacob Sproule                                Maths: Aria Farrell          

4S – English: Heidi Devine                               Maths: Heidi Devine              

    4L – English: Halle Carter Smith                                     Maths: Spencer Downes        

5S – English: Callum Miller                            Maths: Steven Hogg            

5L – English: Olivia Smith                                  Maths: Florrie Callan Still      

6S – English: Amelie Catterall                      Maths: Billy Hughes    


Kirkby Child

Lots of our children have shown different values over the past few weeks.  They have been nominated by their teachers as winners of our Kirkby Child certificates.

The agreed set of values for all schools in Kirkby are:    *Respectful        *Honest and truthful     *Positive attitude       *Resilient        *Confident     *Good communicator             *Polite             *Committed and hardworking     * Aspirational and ambitious


Well done to the following children who have won certificates this week:

Nursery – Nancy Twigg (Hardworking)

RS – Lewis Rossiter (Confidence)

RL – Arlo Cassidy (Confident)

1S – Esme Hedges  (Polite)

1L – Scarlett Ainsworth (Respect)

2S – Billy Chrystal (Confidence)

2L – Esme Evans (Hardworking and Committed)

3S – Destiny Barker (Respectful)

3L – Ronnie Baines (Positive Attitude)

4S – Louie Soon  (Committed and Hardworking)

4L – Jude Jones (Good Communicator)

5S – Charlie Colleran (Respectful, Positive and Hardworking)  

5L – Ammaya Brooks Miller (Hardworking)    

6S – Jenson Taylor (Polite and Positive Attitude)